• Own

    By applying Blockchain technology, you'll be able to truly own the playing cards. Only you have control over the decks you collect. Nobody can delete the cards, not even us.

  • Play

    Unlike Bitcoin and other fungible tokens which can only represent value, our decks have real utility. You can play with them in our card games and they are beautiful to look at!

  • Earn

    Don't have time to play anymore? Then sell the decks you own on decentralized exchanges. You can recuperate your investment or earn a nice profit.

  • Support

    If you're a fan of the featured artist, buying a deck will support their work. They are receiving a percentage of every sale guaranteed by smart contracts.

The Deck Artist

  • Artwork 1
  • Artwork 2
  • Artwork 3
  • Artwork 4
Chen Naje

Project Roadmap

The idea for a card game that uses NFT decks was born.
Start researching Ethereum, NFTs, and smart contracts.
Partner with a co-founder who specializes in marketing and design.
CryptoSolitaire.io domain registration.
Set up office at Ctrl Alt Work coworking space.
Hire first Blockchain developer. Hire a marketing associate.
Start developing the presale website.
Partner with a popular local artist for the inaugural deck of cards.
Sponsor local meetups to promote Blockchain and NFT technologies.
Completion of the inaugural deck of cards.
Start of the deck presale period.
Raise seed funding. Launch of Solitaire game.
Announcement during Albay Multimedia Arts Convention.
Q1 & Q2
Integrate SparkPoint token. Partner with more artists. Raise another round of funding.
Q3 & Q4
Launch of multiplayer Tong-its card game with SRK prize pool.
Q1 & Q2
Partner with high profile artists. Apply for a cryptocurrency gambling license.
Q3 & Q4
Develop online casino games. Become a unicorn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized database technology that no one entity can control. Current digital works of art are easily copied and infeasible to own. By applying Blockchain technology, true ownership of digital items becomes provable.

What is a Non-Fungible Token?

Non-fungible means not interchangeable. They are unique, ownable items that live on the Blockchain. This is the opposite of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which can be replaced with an identical token.

How can I have true ownership of the cards?

The cards are Non-Fungible Tokens that are saved on the Ethereum Blockchain. Since no one entity can control the Blockchain, only the owner can perform transactions with the cards.

What gives value to the cards?

True scarcity and the reputation of the artist who created the deck. Demand for the cards may also increase as the popularity of the artist increases.

Why collaborate with artists?

We think this approach is the missing ingredient in today's NFT Blockchain games. The value of a piece of art relies not only on the aesthetics, but also on the artist behind the work. We also support our local artists through profitable win-win partnerships. This is also an opportunity for them to become pioneering cryptoartists.

What happens if CryptoSolitaire goes out of business?

You still own the cards. Blockchain technology ensures you have full control over your digital assets even if our business stops operating. Other developers can also create games that can work with your NFT playing cards.

Who's behind CryptoSolitaire?

Our team is composed of experts with extensive experience delivering successful products. Read more about us in the section below. CryptoSolitaire is a fresh idea that combines our strengths in technology and creativity.

When moon?


Our Team

  • Rico Zuñiga

    Head of Technology

    • Blockchain advisor and CTO

    • 17 years in software industry

    • Card games and online casino games pioneer

    • ConsenSys certified Blockchain developer

    • Two startup exits

  • Carlo Pinto, CPA, MBA

    Head of Finance

    • 14 years as CPA

    • Worked with Fortune 500 companies and government

    • Co-Founder and partner at AGPT CPA firm

    • University professor and mentor

    • Full-stack developer

  • Ismael Jerusalem

    Head of Marketing

    • Adobe Education Exchange: Instructor, Influencer Status

    • Creative conventions organizer

    • Augmented Reality art pioneer

    • Data science and Blockchain enthusiast, lifelong learner

    • Founder of AMAC

  • Aldrick Bonaobra

    Blockchain Developer

    • Internship at Lamina Studios as game developer

    • Honor student and programming contest champion

    • Blockchain certificates from IBM

    • Game development mentor

    • IT graduate from Bicol University

Partner and Affiliate

  • Bicol IT

    Blockchain Education Partner

  • SparkPoint Ecosystem

    Affiliate and Grantor

Contact Us

Ctrl Alt Work

Ctrl Alt Work

2F RJV Commercial Building, Rizal St., Cor. Gov. Reynolds St., Old Albay District, Legazpi City, 4500, Albay, Philippines